New store openings

New open

2017年11月7日 : He's got good more
Abe "relief more" under construction!

Place is next to the burial-Sen.
1Scheduled to open April 5!
2017年11月6日 : Abe the neuro clinic
Abe "spotty neuro clinic ' building plans!

Thought on the meaning of Neurology, such as neuro-the nerve in specialized clinics
Smooth and Abe shop is near!
2017年10月27日 : Tips for better home manufacturing
Suddenly, everyone's home is pumping?
Usually basic but hit the base and rising to two separate and common sense is. However, and it is possible problems, such as flooding or termite infestation in the building from the lack of strength of the joint, for their part, just hit dirt that is joint. So no joint combined strike recommended.
Have more than 3 times more strength, but hit two disadvantages.
Is quite unfamiliar, but remember with only the word "Earth beat".
And we are working in the country to beat this one has advanced technology penetrated hard at.
Only in Yonago "red industry" who have technology!
During construction, I jump, direct red industrial it to seems better to ask the basics of home are many!
Arose in the 10th anniversary spreading pumping nationwide this year, according to a lot of good building and President of AMC's, are moving into social networks and newspaper media.
10/31 in the Japan Sea newspaper's publication will be posted, so take a look at through pumping aware try!

Red industries I check FB too!
2017年10月19日 : Introduced finally to the boundary line
2019Introducing car on-board IC ticket machine first by JR West Japan in the spring, the new border (Yonago and sakaiminato station between) to to use ICOCA and expands.(JR West Japan website)

2017年10月17日 : Yakiniku restaurant building in Asahi-machi
In the building beside the traditional yakiniku restaurant Asahi-machi "18" yakiniku restaurant!

What forms or do not know well BBQ and also going to Yonago yakiniku road, and on the right side!