Introduction to housing condominiums under development

Condominium development in "Yume Komachi wealth gains"

All CATV installation and convenience store near, near school, highway 431 near etc…

Still a place next to FamilyMart wealth gains along the bypass

Nearby are the taste flat

, Inc. Nikon real estate Division
0120-19 - 2103

Early ones win!

Free admission! Pay your body's iron-based

12September 30()To make body paid event in the gym "iron-based'!

For training, touching the more people and the many body paid if you want to
9:-17:00 free and have free!

You would like to see Jim, who trained and want to come!

Iron base
A short walk from the international family Plaza Yonago station location: (Yamaguchi Bldg. 1F)
Contact: 0859-57-6572
* Parking is next to building three
If there are no spaces in please use the pay parking lot, etc.

蚊屋 West intersection near land development in

And that...

It's a convenience store "Lawson"!

There are Lawson located in that area bear party

Now is land development in the opening date is unknown

The nihongi nursery garden construction

It's like nursery school

431 Ray Hiyoshi Tsu ion straight ahead

Construction is to run a small nursery clover day-care company clover holdings

The Yonago city approval and small nursery establishments
Facilities has become a small nursery 0 years old and 1-year-old, children up to 2 years old small troops, by taking advantage of the small, loose contact with each and every child
Like clover nursery
And spend freely in comfortable surroundings
And Nestle in the growth of the mind
-Foster a kind heart
And telling of his own
Watch our children grow as goals

Currently under construction facility next April opening will have

Gion-Cho in Taiwan cuisine

Street location to go to line 9 of the Gion-Cho yasugi

Prior to setouchi ramen yes I was hotels!

Opening date is still unknown.
If you have information please tell me!

Today teppan restaurant opened Suehiro-Cho

Place in front of the Park is in Suehiro-Cho

Aoki hotels located near

Teppan grilled menu each day and night, all I want to eat!

Today I went to Genghis Khan set out the choice!
Taste is firmly attached and delicious!

Please, try to go!

Mac House former convenience store!?

A rumor says that it can be "seven-eleven"!

Eleven must be dismantled buildings really keep the building, as the building is not

Building had a Mac House is now dismantled and has become vacant

There is rumor stage yet, but

But by taking the same train line near the

Kawasaki eleven

Eleven of the nihongi

There's trapped

If eleven will be building new and two seven-eleven is more often than not adversely affect

Still isn't conclusive, Mac House site is large possibility of eleven

Bacon professional store open in Mt. Oyama

Specialty stores that sell Bacon opened 11/3 Oyama "Cabana De Tocino"

Longing to taste 30 years
Food companies in 23 years
Looking for a great year
And last year, as ooyama natural chirping of birds
Attracted by the warmth of the people, the family moved to Oyama
Match the fragrant smell and fat rich Bacon owner Hiroshi Yamauchi walked about looking for firsts
Want me to eat in the environment better than this and chose the Oyama
And that makes everyone feel free to rest your space dreams of another one of Mr./Ms. Yamauchi, they sit in the shop
Summer comes to you while feeling the wind outside the winter log cabin in warmth feel like a second home and good

Bacon gravy is toro火 slowly and focus, and eat with salt it is recommended!
100 g can be purchased from 410 yen.

Here is the place!

And careful in the snow!

Closed Wednesday, every other Thursday.

On fukuhara in the Orthopedic hospital scheduled to open

Spotted this sign in on fukuhara.

Cafe & bar at Sakai Minato station

City probe-Kun Plaza 2nd floor(Sakai Minato station)

The Café & BAR "Acai" today 15:00-open

I look forward in the fashionable shops twink owner born in Hokkaido!

Eating Curry, zangi etc.
Prepare the Hokkaido palates!
Drinks are from soft drinks to alcohol!

Operating time is 15:00〜I am 24!