Tottori Prefecture, the only regulation baseball encounters Club

Regional comprehensive sports club "between the clubs '
While the Club baseball team is not
Baseball Club to junior high school students want to improve individual skills

The western part of Tottori Prefecture has mainly come from Shimane Prefecture, including students, students
Graduates yazu school, Kurayoshi North, players entered the scholarship open star, Matsue commercial high yasugi

So while the Club

AI's former General Director, Director / coach fresh staff after the Club had players for three years in each high school's tennis baseball experience go tell all players

1人1人 came in when players level divided across multiple practice, practice and practice, are carried out according to the level of the individual

To stretch the individuality of each person, while practice was standardized as much as possible, try to "strong point" will be admitted to

Go get the balance of staged so favorable to that utility and, after the high school admission to membership Director when

Go to guidance make up whole body muscular strength and endurance is the basic practice and will persevere together

Work in practice on the ground always in front of "scene", do not worry, not vaguely to play

Go to everyone with the captaincy and decided practice captain once in every practice. Captain received instructions from the coach communicated to the companions and go to practice. Posture practice to join the initiative during this practice after the high school enrollment is the captain thinking so is born. Club who can become captain and vice captain in high school many people think the appearance

Pain in the practice is a "failure"? It's not? I declare ago a practice, to determine
Private practice if you can't practice all help during this private practice broke down after the high school entrance
Until the failure is cured in high school, could not participate in the exercise, was killed in the meantime to level up at fault was cured of his private practice picked up at the Club, to strengthen weaknesses strengths
Children, that during the panic and desperation. If you failed to do? We recognize the fault? Go tell that sober

Think exercise is limited to I want up exercises and its load at the end
Often players will allow graduates of the time are supposed, self control is in the
Approach to baseball is to be aggressive, go prepared for high school students

High school three years while working to end sometime baseball wants is,
I think I want to say "my baseball doing good is" life after working
Hoping to take advantage when you played baseball because so many things taught to baseball and became a member of society

This is the AI's Club

Wanted baseball skills to junior high school students
Junior high school students want to get used to the rigid
Junior high school students want to become great adult

While Club is looking for students with such enthusiasm!

Junior high school baseball tournament information

Junior high school baseball tournament information!
Three weeks have junior baseball tournament in a row.

1. 34 national junior tournament China district qualifying competition
From 5 provinces in China has a total of 5 teams each team,It is a bet made in August in Yokohama National Convention 1 meeting.
It is from Tottori Prefecture participated in the past is not meeting. Aiming for first time prefectural tournament 2 game consecutive shutout win fussa in competing clubs.
Ken gross Western qualifier at fussa in clubs in the next round of,Put the Polish defensive force even more?,Attack power UP, defying the day third game is played.
Win two games Conference! Gamble fussa in the Club!

Re: 7/15/2017(Soil)-16(Day)
Location: Coca Cola West Park Baseball Park (Tottori City)

2. Gross fiscal 29 year middle school tournament
As Ken was gross wants absolute junior Junior Champion title
The top 2 teams 8/6-8, Hiroshima and participate in the China rally held in Kure-Shi, Hiroshima.

Re: 7/22/2017(Soil) • 23rd(Day)
Location: day 1 West of country park baseball stadium, hoki-Cho Sports Park, Oyama baseball stadium, NAWA Stadium
Each venue 9:30 play ball
Day 2 West of country park baseball field 9:00 play ball

3. Junior training baseball tournament
In a 'light up the social movement' part in Yonago City junior high school baseball tournament,It is a tournament feel raw end tournament for three years in recent years very happily playing baseball.
Do not wear the day of the Festival and the,Yonago new mayor's ceremonial first pitch?

Re: 7/29/2017 (Saturday) / 30, (Sunday) / 31 / (Monday)
The opening ceremony is from 9 am day 2 and day 3 at least 9:00 play ball
Location: Dora Dora Park Yonago municipal baseball stadium

Junior year students end battle begins. Expect enthusiastic support of involved parents.
Watch out for 10 minutes to heat stroke, please support.

City probe-Kun also supports junior high school baseball players of all. Gamble junior high school baseball players!

Ramen blog

431Located along the "noodle shop warriors'

Perfect for the summer [chilled beef ramen]

Good throat lotion worked with cow bone soup wheat noodles goes well!
Plum dressing and more refreshing and unbearable

Taisei-Kun waste land Yonago branch

Taisei-Kun paper RAND 西福 store opens today

The location next to "bear".

Taisei right now is in the waste land's largest

Dan has got a lot of balls, magazines, newspapers, aluminum cans, trying to replace Visa cards!

I have a PEAR man now

Sanin's first large passenger destinations

座席数は335席(Almost always double)



East Kurayoshi to the café-restaurant

Cafe restaurant "link" tomorrow opened the East Kurayoshi

Old kamogawa

Middle School whole rubber-ball baseball Western District 3rd day


Tournament results

西部地区 順位決定リーグ戦
  溝口・岸本中 VS 湊山・箕蚊屋中
  湊山・箕蚊屋中 VS 東山中
  東山中 VS 溝口・岸本中

 3チームが1勝1敗となり大会規定により第1試合は溝口・岸本中 VS  湊山・箕蚊屋中
 ノーアウト満塁で指名した打者から攻撃をして,Team won the next game,2連勝したチームが優勝という方式で雌雄を決することとなりました。

 湊山・箕蚊屋中 VS 溝口・岸本中は,Mizoguchi's table with 0 points and Kishimoto,サヨナラヒットを決めて0-1×でまずは1勝
 東山中 VS 溝口・岸本中は表の攻撃を1点に抑えた溝口・岸本中がその裏2点をとって1-2×で2連勝。西部地区チャンピオンの称号を手に入れました。
2位3位は順位決定リーグ戦直接対決の勝敗で決めることとなっていて2位東山中 3位湊山・箕蚊屋中となりました。

  境3中 VS 境2中の試合は,Sakai 3 starting pitchers gathered a curve ball low scoreless complete game,打っては小刻みに加点した境3中が6-0で勝ちました。
  境3中 VS 境1中の試合は,Was in a cordial spirit of both team ACE pitches do not allow scoring early,5回裏にランニングホームランで境1中が先制
  6回表1死から3塁打が飛び出し,That was the chance of a tie,Two outs on infield fly,重苦しい雰囲気の中センター前ヒットで境3中が同点に追いつきました。
  2死1塁から,Or struck out the last batter seemed,Whacked out and hit the ball up about ruthless grab Center,3塁への送球が悪送球となりその間に1塁走者が逆転の本塁を踏みました。

境3中は保護者のほかに,About 40 of their gym clothes at rush,女子生徒が音頭を取って声をからして応援していました。
応援が力となり,Forces invisible to the players out,勝利を手繰寄せたと思います。

7月22日・23日西部地区4会場で行われる県総体出場するチームは溝口・岸本中 東山中 湊山・箕蚊屋中 加茂中 弓ヶ浜中 日南中 境三中の7チームとなりました。

鳥取県チャンピオン目指して,Keep your junior high school baseball players.

City probe-Kun also supports junior high school baseball players of all!

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Not a burger tasting party



Fresh juice in plant

I was able to plant fresh juice shop!