New open

Yonago Ekimae to cram

Yonago station run by cram company humor is established.

Personalized school's 2nd floor
Medical school is 3 F

This cram school students in Tottori University School of medicine career as teacher's real
Not only studied in medical college students actually have to study the various support study and life

Not so recently, pre school to school during the month of

House designs
Looking for land
In addition, following consultation!

Big car rental Tottori landing

"Casta" nationwide during the first landing Tottori!
Conveni Club in ryomitsuyanagi Yanagi's place

Itsumo rent-a-car is cheap and set up headquarters in Tokyo that cheap car rental company
Operated by Itochu ENEX co., Ltd. Group

3At the end of the month will be unveiling the Casta?

Moved the popular ramen shops today.

Yonago only Yokohama family ramen though Tomo

Thick noodles in thick soup
Barbecued pork with fat thick
Soak spinach and seaweed soup

Please come and try it!

Open the special store today

Delicious beef stewed "probably blisters ', near Fuzhou West elementary school!

Takashimaya Department store East Museum stores decision

Determine the Takashimaya building East Hall operators!

Is transferred from the city of Yonago(Co., Ltd.)Toybox(Yasugi)
Yonago-Shi that operates such as TSUTAYA!

In the Takashimaya Department store East Hotel
1-Floor food court
2-Floor Dance Studio
3Floor spring
4Layla on the floor
5Child care for business on the floor
6-Capsule hotel

With rumors

Will change Yonago Yayoi remains of parking, 取ri戻sereba old momentum around there!

Also submits a further information soon!

Introduction to housing condominiums under development

Condominium development in "Yume Komachi wealth gains"

All CATV installation and convenience store near, near school, highway 431 near etc…

Still a place next to FamilyMart wealth gains along the bypass

Nearby are the taste flat

, Inc. Nikon real estate Division
0120-19 - 2103

Early ones win!

蚊屋 West intersection near land development in

And that...

It's a convenience store "Lawson"!

There are Lawson located in that area bear party

Now is land development in the opening date is unknown

The nihongi nursery garden construction

It's like nursery school

431 Ray Hiyoshi Tsu ion straight ahead

Construction is to run a small nursery clover day-care company clover holdings

The Yonago city approval and small nursery establishments
Facilities has become a small nursery 0 years old and 1-year-old, children up to 2 years old small troops, by taking advantage of the small, loose contact with each and every child
Like clover nursery
And spend freely in comfortable surroundings
And Nestle in the growth of the mind
-Foster a kind heart
And telling of his own
Watch our children grow as goals

Currently under construction facility next April opening will have

Gion-Cho in Taiwan cuisine

Street location to go to line 9 of the Gion-Cho yasugi

Prior to setouchi ramen yes I was hotels!

Opening date is still unknown.
If you have information please tell me!

Mac House former convenience store!?

A rumor says that it can be "seven-eleven"!

Eleven must be dismantled buildings really keep the building, as the building is not

Building had a Mac House is now dismantled and has become vacant

There is rumor stage yet, but

But by taking the same train line near the

Kawasaki eleven

Eleven of the nihongi

There's trapped

If eleven will be building new and two seven-eleven is more often than not adversely affect

Still isn't conclusive, Mac House site is large possibility of eleven