He's got good more

Abe "relief more" under construction!

Place is next to the burial-Sen.
1Scheduled to open April 5!

Abe the neuro clinic

Abe "spotty neuro clinic ' building plans!

Thought on the meaning of Neurology, such as neuro-the nerve in specialized clinics
Smooth and Abe shop is near!

Introduced finally to the boundary line

2019Introducing car on-board IC ticket machine first by JR West Japan in the spring, the new border (Yonago and sakaiminato station between) to to use ICOCA and expands.(JR West Japan website)

Yakiniku restaurant building in Asahi-machi

In the building beside the traditional yakiniku restaurant Asahi-machi "18" yakiniku restaurant!

What forms or do not know well BBQ and also going to Yonago yakiniku road, and on the right side!

All raw Street Barber

All raw Street building eleven cut behind the gust!

Sakaiminato in Cafe

Sakaiminato-Kaigan Street
Cafe🐕Scheduled to open!

Nissin Kogyo(share)Sakaiminato branch office site

In first! Roast Beef Bowl

In first!
Ryomitsuyanagi Willow specializes in roast beef rice bowl "CAMEL DINER, open plan!

Where is the brick house ruins

10/15Scheduled to open!

Ucidaleck construction

Real estate agency "ucidaleck" ion Yonago Ekimae building will!
It's scheduled to be completed in February next year!

Wholesale housing a power company's Office

Wholesale complex was not thy head office site(Miyoshi industries top)That one seems be offices of the power company in Shimane Prefecture.

New to nursing

Community-based nursing homes and
Enhanced Rehab care
Scheduled to open in 11 months!