Today's cast

-Icirregular corner(4 gold)
"Town goes looking cum! 』


Free paper
From the section names should be out immediately


Thank you very much!

House designs
Looking for land
In addition, following consultation!

Renewal now

Please wait for a while.

Free admission! Pay your body's iron-based

12September 30(Soil)To make body paid event in the gym "iron-based'!

For training, touching the more people and the many body paid if you want to
9:-17:00 free and have free!

You would like to see Jim, who trained and want to come!

Iron base
A short walk from the international family Plaza Yonago station location: (Yamaguchi Bldg. 1F)
Contact: 0859-57-6572
* Parking is next to building three
If there are no spaces in please use the pay parking lot, etc.

Today teppan restaurant opened Suehiro-Cho

Place in front of the Park is in Suehiro-Cho

Aoki hotels located near

Teppan grilled menu each day and night, all I want to eat!

Today I went to Genghis Khan set out the choice!
Taste is firmly attached and delicious!

Please, try to go!

Kaike hot spring massive hotel construction

Everyone in the hot new Inn "kaike Yu-' building plans!

Series of shogetu was more than 90 years, adjacent to the shogetu
Japan sea views from the outdoor hot spring bath with rooms and baths, restaurants!
Opening date is 2019 in the spring.

Tips for better home manufacturing

Suddenly, everyone's home is pumping?
Usually basic but hit the base and rising to two separate and common sense is. However, and it is possible problems, such as flooding or termite infestation in the building from the lack of strength of the joint, for their part, just hit dirt that is joint. So no joint combined strike recommended.
Have more than 3 times more strength, but hit two disadvantages.
Is quite unfamiliar, but remember with only the word "Earth beat".
And we are working in the country to beat this one has advanced technology penetrated hard at.
Only in Yonago "red industry" who have technology!
During construction, I jump, direct red industrial it to seems better to ask the basics of home are many!
Arose in the 10th anniversary spreading pumping nationwide this year, according to a lot of good building and President of AMC's, are moving into social networks and newspaper media.
10/31 in the Japan Sea newspaper's publication will be posted, so take a look at through pumping aware try!

Red industries I check FB too!

NPB future Samurai project

Off the beaten path spots for students

Wall on NPB future Samurai project made on the ground beside the Higashiyama athletics field
Junior high school students and playing baseball at the end of the school!

Ryomitsuyanagi Yanagi Japanese style garden cafe

Ryomitsuyanagi Willow open Japanese style garden cafe "MOE ya'!
Takashita pair MOGA house-building management
Commodities-gumi Office next to the place!

Ion in indoor amusement park

"Kid's US. LAND ' will open!

3F, Aeon, station's location
Giant jungle gym, ball pool, trampoline and play unlimited indoor amusement park in 15 minutes 100 yen (tax excluded)!
9/30Scheduled to open!

Daikichi is in large-8!

Daikichi ryomitsuyanagi willow is at any time during the "big 8" on!

Community gather in the search-advertising, jobs
Cheaper to pinpoint local information
080-6310-0107(Representative: Hiroshi Yamaguchi)
Or from the message on Facebook!